Beef Paprikash

Hands up who’s addicted to food magazines?  Come on…someone….is  just me??  Really??

Well I am proud to say I have full control of my addiction and currently recieve only 1 magazine in the mail.  Pretty good huh!  Doesn’t quite qualify as an addiction really does it.  That’s because I am able to control myself.  I do have to have a little talk to myself at the cash register.  I swear they make us wait in line so that we have more time to be tormented by all those glossy food magazines…oh how I love them.

For a number of years I subscribed to Super Food Ideas and Donna Hay magazine (which was a love/hate relationship).  These mags kept me busy in the kitchen as well as numerous cook books in my collection (which Bells and I realised the other day was actually not that many, believe it or not).  But now I have moved onto Australian Good Food which is kind enough to appear in my mail box every month.  I devour it and form lots of ideas for the days ahead.

So just last night I cooked Beef Paprikash  and it was delicious.  So rich and full of flavour.  I loved this one pot meal.  I was pretty sure it was going to take me ages – but I managed to whip it up in an hour.  Once it was simmering away – I turned it down quite low and just let it bubble away and thicken the sauce.  I bought budget steak – so it needed some slow cooking to allow the meat to tenderize.  The results were fabulous. 

I don’t know about you – but there are only certain meals I cook that I think would pass as a meal for visitors.  This one is a certainty for guests.  There was nothing to be ashamed of here.  Lots of flavour, loads of colour and it passes the healthy test too I believe.  I served it up with crusty bread and dollop of sour cream and a sprinkling of flat leafed parsely.  Winner winner winner!!!

I almost forgot to mention a little extra thing I popped into this lovely dish.  I recently read a post on my friend David’s blog about a paprika relish.  It looked so good I went out and bought myself some.  I added a few very generous spoonfuls into the pan when it was simmering and I believe it added a depth of flavour to the dish.  Thanks David!


Sometimes I just can’t help myself in the kitchen and if I see a few moments spare and I can muster up an excuse (like friends coming over that evening) I quickly throw together a cake.  I recently made a beautiful Cardamon Teacake and it rose so beautifully – I just had to show it off.

Tomorrow I am tackling Pork Knuckle with potato dumplings and red cabbage.  Can’t wait to try it out and hopefully blog about how amazing it was.  Hmmm…Did I say that in my “out loud voice” – now I really have to do it!

“til next time…



6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. 2paw
    Aug 06, 2010 @ 11:21:52

    You are definitely a blogger: cooking things (almost) purely so you can post the to your blog!! The paprika relish sounds very interesting and your beef disk looks very delicious. I love a good dollop of sour cream!!


  2. Bells
    Aug 06, 2010 @ 11:43:54

    Food magazines. Cookbooks. You name it. Thankfully my new addiction is turning out to be sewing books so I’ve slowed down on both knitting and food books for now.

    This sounds utterly delicious. I must get it done while the weather is still cold. And yes I often deem dishes suitable for guests or not.

    Going to buy the relish tomorrow. I have to have some!

    The teacake was delicious!


    • vivzilla
      Aug 25, 2010 @ 21:14:18

      We were totally talking about cooking magazines in real life Bells just the other day! I stole a lot of recipes from my sisters super food ideas before I moved to Canberra.

      Anyway, paprikash, I endorse about 90q3740392478234 times. Its a bit of a staple in my family, particularly if I go to my grandmother. Only quibble is I think that recipe is actually a Pörkölt, a paprikas has sour cream in it (eg:

      Also, I don’t know what you served it with, but if you have the time, it goes really well with nokedli (little dumplings made from egg, flour and oil) MMMMMMMMMMMM! DO WANT!


  3. Rose Red
    Aug 06, 2010 @ 11:56:12

    mmmm tea cake, i do love a good tea cake!

    my magazine addiction is for knitting mags – although I am trying to wean myself off them at the moment…


  4. drkknits
    Aug 08, 2010 @ 10:36:33

    if i wasnt addicted to food magazines just looking at your cooking would have me thinking about it. both of these creations look fantastic, and who would have thought cardamon can go in a tea cake?!


  5. David Hilyard
    Aug 15, 2010 @ 01:34:28

    I am always SO impressed by people who BAKE STUFF! This cake looks fabulous.

    Isn’t ayvar the best thing? I think it would be terrific in this lovely winter casserole dish!


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