Donna Hay: Flourless Chocolate Truffle Cake – A Review

Those of you who have been reading this blog since the beginning would know that I have a little aversion to packet cake mixes.  I don’t “hate” them.  In fact, I made one the other day with my 3year old niece who has the attention of a goldfish (I figured she didn’t have the patience to sit through all the sifting, adding etc.).  So I am not so much “anti” cake mixes.  But given the choice, I would bake from scratch for sure.


Having said all that, Donna Hay’s PR department sent Bells and I a packet of us a Chocolate Truffle cake each to bake and review.  It’s nice that our little blog was one of the many (I imagine) to be chosen to review this product.


I’m not a huge rich chocolate fan.  I had a bad experience with a Max Brennar restaurant once, which I won’t bore you with the details.  Suffice to say, I ate too much chocolate one evening and was reminded of the fact throughout the rest of the (very long) night.


So when I baked this cake I made sure I had friends and family to share it with.



The packet mix was dead simple.  You did need to melt some chocolate and some butter together, but that is about as tricky as it got.  The instructions were clear and easy to understand.  The strange bit just before popping the mixture in the oven was covering the uncooked cake mixture with a foil dome.  You had to fold the foil over in one corner so you ended up with a small pleat which enabled the foil to cover the tin and also point upwards. (There is a picture on the back of the box – so no need to freak out).


The cake comes out a little wobbly in the middle. I know this goes against all we know about cake baking, but trust me, this is normal.  You need to pop it in the fridge straight away and allow it to completely cool – 4 hours at least.  I did it overnight as I was cooking ahead.


And the final result??  Really, really good.  You need to think of it differently from your average fluffy cake.  It’s made with almond meal, which straight away will give you a completely different texture to your cake made with flour.  I actually liked the texture.  It was a little gritty (probably not the best word to use for cake).  The cake was firm and very, very chocolately.  Too much chocolate for me.  But that’s just personal taste.  If you are a chocolate lover, then this is the chocolate treat for you.


I served it up with whipped cream and raspberries.  The cake had such a special feel about it, it is definitely the kind of cake you want to bring out when you hope to impress someone.  Restaurant quality, I believe.


So would I make it again?  If I was pushed for time and I had someone coming for dinner who adored chocolate on a scary scale then… yes I would.  It doesn’t have that “packet cake’ flavour which is a big bonus for me.


Back to delicious home-made goodies next time.